American Students at School


On Friday, 5th April, five American students came to our school to  learn about Handia. Their names are Nathan, Briana, Kali, Silas and Olivia.
They arrived at 10 o´clock. First they introduced themselves and they told us what state they live in.  After that   they told us  the story of "Tartalo" and acted out. It was awesome.
When they finished the story, the little ones painted the poster they made about Tartalo. Olivia and Briana stayed with them.

Meanwhile we asked questions to Nathan, Silas and Kali about  themselves.

 Kali is from Battlemountain, Nevada. There are 3.000 inhabitantes in her town. We learned that Kali is a firefighter in Summer, she jumps out of a helicopter, she dies fires of the forests, and we learned that her greatgrandmother, Petra,  and her greatgrandfather, Esteban, were from the Basque Country.

Silas is from Boise, Idaho. There are 500.000 inhabitants. There a lot of "Euskal Etxeak " in Idaho. We learned that Silas loves snowboarding, surfing, and  fishing too. He is a sportman. In Summer he made a roller coaster with other mates.

Nathan is from Temecula, California. There are 100.000 inhabitants in his town. We learned that he likes hiking, fishing, listening to music and so on. His favourite subject is psychology and history.

At 11:30 we told them the biography of Handia and we saw some scenes of Handia´s film. We sang a "bertso" about "Korrika", and then we danced Korrika with them. Finally we danced "Agurra" with them and we went outside to take a picture with the  Americans.

We hope to have new students next school year.

We had a great time and we enjoyed a lot, we know they had an awesome time too.

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